Boulder, Colorado 

A brief view into my journey through this mystical town…

When I last visited Boulder I had this idea that the next time I was here would be the time I broke through and changed my life. I had this idea with the thought “I realistically will probably never be back here” lingering in my mind. It wasn’t that long ago, yet it seems funny to me now that I would think I would NEVER make it back somewhere as simple as Boulder. It is just two years later and it now seems stupidly obvious that I will make it to Alaska, Thailand, Africa, and other distant places most people think of as only visiting on a lucky draw.

I have now been here in Boulder for over a month, and as I sat with two travelers-on-tour in my temporary mansion atop a mountain overlooking the beautiful valley of Boulder underneath the star-lit sky through ceiling to floor windows built in where the outer wall of the house should be… watching a light show bounce around the vast room while enjoying some Griz with the help of family fluff and a variety of other inspirations… I realized things are changing. But let’s back track first.

I have done so much in Boulder. From shows such as Bass Physics, the Expendables, The 420 rally, Red Gold Green, and Joe Hertler and The Rainbow Seekers, to The Super Saturated Sugar Strings all the way from Alaska and The Blind Cafe who do an all dark music and dinner experience with puppies, chocolate, and wine to help people experience a day in the life of a blind person and also to offer the public an opportunity to experience live music without the fear of judgement of the others in the audience witnessing this experience. I have gone on brewery, distillery, and the Celestial Tea tours. I have done yoga, meditations, and herbal tea tastings/discussions. I have gone to a vegan dairy fair, local drum circles, a 420 themed burlesque show, and sat in on an intimate music gathering at a local recording studio. I have met up with couch surfers in town for coffee and drinks, and even attended Couchsurfing meet ups where I met slam poets, actors, rock climbers, and more. I went to an interpretive theater and dance show at Naropa University. And this was all fantastic.

Normally I would write about all of these experiences, but as you can imagine, that’s a lot to write on. And is any of it life altering? It’s all been great and I find inspiration in every situation I find myself in on the road. But a select few experiences has given depth to this trip, and my life in general. So instead of telling you all about the things you can do if you ever find yourself in Boulder or any other town for that matter, I find it will be more valuable to tell of those few people and experiences that reshaped my philosophies, my plans, my writing, my art, my mind, my soul, and really… my life.

On a daily basis I experience a surge of inspiration, through life changing conversations or experiences. I mentally note that I want to express this in my blog post. But by the time it gets to the computer much of the substance has been lost. Boulder offered too many of these experiences to be able to slam into a simple post… part of the reason I have hesitated to write in so long: I have been unsure of how to go about getting the important stuff across. And so I will be restructuring how I write my posts to better reflect the impact an experience had on me versus how it was experienced externally. And with this, I hope, people will begin to understand why travel is so important and how choosing the lifestyle I have truly manifests a life of endless opportunity, prosperity, and enrichment.

My posts on how Boulder has impacted my writing, traveling, and life will be titled “The Communal House”, “A Psychic Experience”, and “Lessons From a Traveling Wook”.  These will be my first posts on experience versus location.

Also keep an eye out for my reflection of what life has been like and what I have learned from my travels so far: “4 Months And 20 Days On The Road” to be published on June 6th, and “The Life of a Street Kid”.


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