A Psychic Experience

A freakishly accurate reading that would impact my travels for months to come…

One of the wonderful resources available in Boulder is a learning institution that teaches about psychic and healing abilities. They offer free weekly meditations, healings, and readings to the public. After attending an astral-travel themed meditation, I decided to give getting a reading a go.

The reading was an hour and a half, and consisted of many parts: reading my soul essence, looking at my past lives, communicating with my soul babies, reading my aura, and a short healing. I was told that there would be a lot of back and forth conversation between me and the reader by a director at the school; my reading would consist mainly of me asking questions and her deriving the answers from source energy. I sat one on one with a student reader who was required to keep her eyes closed from the time I entered the room until I left- she never got to see me. This reduces bias and judgement and increases the ability to see with the third eye.

Within moments of sitting down my reader was continuously and energetically talking. She required no input from me. In fact, she said she had never felt so easily connected nor had such clear visions during a reading. She was amazed at the colors and beautiful imagery my aura gave off: a budding flower, a golden sun at the crown chakra, and a bright white star guiding me from above. She said she couldn’t get past the idea that I was wrapped in some sort of green light out of her head… possibly the green shirt I wore at the time?

I understand most people are skeptical of anyone claiming psychic ability, but this girl was spot on! Let me remind you that she could not see me, and had absolutely no information on me. By the time she rattled off everything she absorbed from reading my soul essence, the only words I had spoken to her were “Good, how are you?” and “Okay, I’m ready.”

She predicted that I held dancing close to my heart and used it as a channel for personal expression- correct, I have been a dancer for many years now. She felt that I had a strong business sense but did not quite feel aligned with how many businesses operate today-  I have a business management and leadership degree, however I hated my time in school because all they could focus on was greed, money, and screwing the end consumer.  She read that I will most likely open some sort of non-profit or NGO to help make the world a better place in the future- I have a certificate in social entrepreneurship and this is something I have always considered. She said she felt like there was some sort of big trip about to happen in my life, that travel was going to be of serious significance to me- clearly correct as well. She even accurately described accounts of my childhood.

The most convincing part of all was when she asked to know my life purpose. She said that all I am wanted to do this time around is learn, grow, and most importantly prosper. What I am meant to do in this lifetime is up to me since as long as I am growing, I will be contributing to my overall soul purpose. Her exact words were “It seems that your purpose here is to write your own story“. If only she could see how far my jaw dropped as I grasped the tattoo on my wrist with the name of my travel blog etched through it. But instead at this time she was focusing recentering herself as she held back tears, claiming that my soul purpose and transformation being shown to her here was overwhelmingly emotional and beautiful.

This is all fascinating, but you may be wondering how it is life altering. When reading my soul she told me that I am a soul in transition, moving from a young soul period to a more mature soul period. As a person I am moving towards enlightenment. However I have been stuck as my consciousness has been holding onto past pain generated years and years ago in a past life. She predicted I used to be an outgoing, lively person always caring for others and that recently I have climbed back into my shell and began to focus on the care I need for myself, though I probably did not do so consciously or recognize what the purpose of this was. She said she can see that as a person I am ready to move forward, but as a soul I must first do the work to heal and let go of the pain being held from my past life. Her metaphor was that I am still in my cocoon, but I am on the verge of becoming a butterfly like none seen before.

In my past life, I was killed violently in an arena, some sort of battle it seems. And for whatever reason my soul has not been able to let this go. Now for the skeptics let me explain why I believe this. As a child, I had an inexplicable fear of smoke. It could show on a TV screen and I would dart from the room. Smoke.. battle scene.. this is a loose tie I understand, but it gets better.

Back when I was in middle school there was a period of a month or two where I had the exact same dream every night. However it was not a recurring dream, it was a continuing dream. In this dream everyone I knew was living in an Earth sized arena where individuals were called down daily. I watched friends, family, peers, and strangers unwillingly go into battle and fight to the death. It became so lifelike that I was talking, screaming, and walking in my sleep. The last I remember I was finally called down to battle, one of the last in the arena to be called. I don’t remember how it ended, but I stopped having the dream. This eerily resembles the occurrence my psychic read as my past life.

She did a healing where she released the cord of connection from me, and sent me strength and healing energy. She predicted that I would spend three hours in meditation between a body of water and the mountains and that these three hours would be my breakthrough.

She had been spot on about everything else so far. Would she be right about this as well? Keep up with my next few posts to find out!



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