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I’m a solo female traveler who started her journey in Chicago, Illinois. I started traveling the country out of my 1980 Volkswagen Vanagon which, slowly, brought me from Florida to Colorado, Alaska, and down most of the pacific coast. Currently, I’m traveling out of a homemade gypsy wagon-truck camper I built on the back of an F250.

I set out with the purpose of visiting many different types of intentional communities, farms, and nonprofit organizations. I am writing a blog sharing the values, goals, and lifestyles of these groups as well as my general experiences and take-aways.

The idea I have with this project is to normalize different walks of life by raising awareness of these alternative lifestyles in a way that allows the average person to live for a moment in the life of someone who’s daily existence is very different than their own. By helping people understand the why and the how of varying ways of existence, for example community, intentional, or off grid living, I hope to stifle judgments of people unlike ‘oneself’ and therefore bring humanity closer together. I believe this is key to conquering our modern day obstacles and to begin working towards aligned goals and values that seem to be commonplace in the vast majority of societies on this planet today.

By elaborating on the values held by these organizations I hope to also spread awareness and offer some insight on important topics such as sustainable homesteading, natural living, eradication of homelessness and hunger, equal rights for all species, and environmental protection and restoration.

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My journey around the world, one community at time

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