Interview With a Shamanic Practitioner

Reverend Kathy’s story and a journey into intergalactic space…

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On a detour to Denver to meet some friends from the Dead and Co show I had the privilege to interview a shaman practitioner: Reverend Kathy G of Ki of G Healing. Kathy was definitely a sweet individual with a soul meant to be a healer of humanity. She explained to me that she had always felt overly sensitive to her external stimuli and knew that she had some special gift inside of her, however she didn’t really understand what this was. She was definitely raised in an environment supportive of these beliefs: her mother had premonitions and her aunt frequently communicated with spirits through her dreams.

Kathy’s twenties were a rough time in her life. She felt extremely overworked and it seemed that she was always unwillingly taking on other people’s energies. It began to get so overwhelming that she could no longer identify which energy was her own anymore. This is what sparked her curiosity and caused her to start looking deeper into how to heal herself and tap into her own spiritual wisdom.

At a metaphysical fair in Denver, Colorado in 2002 she was participating in a group activity when she suddenly felt really dizzy. She didn’t think too much of it at the time. However later that day in Blockbuster she was holding the movie she planned to rent when all of a sudden the cover of the film started moving as if she was hallucinating. She clutched the video in panic and lowered herself to the ground. She began to feel an intense tingling sensation in her left hand and assumed she was having a heart attack.  It turns out she had a grand mal seizure. It took 7 firefighters/cops to hold her down and she was unconscious for at least 5 minutes or more.

After a few years of reading and research she reached out to some acquaintances in the spiritual world and learned that this may have been a sign of an awakening. Now she was really intrigued. She immediately began her search for guidance. This led her to enroll at The Path Home Shamanic Arts school based out of Boulder, Co. in their 2 year Shamanic Practitioner course, their advanced shamanic training over the next year and their year long teacher training course. In 2010, she started the clairvoyant/seminary program at Psychic Horizons Center (Church of Inner Light) in boulder and took multiple years of training including peeling the onion, one to one, spiritual healing, medical intuition, and Ministers program.  She immediately fell in love with the process of walking between worlds. She eventually opened her own private practice to help others to heal and access their own wisdom as she had done herself.

Her story made me wonder if being a shamanic healer is something that requires a sort of genetic predisposition.

“I don’t think so.” Kathy assured me.

She explained that, like any other skill in life, some people are more apt to easily tap into this wisdom. This can be due to the current lifetime the individual is in. This can activate access due to spirit, DNA, past life experiences, and current life purposes. Some people even come into their gift due to the experience of a trauma.

However with passion and practice, anybody can do anything.

And not all healers access information through the same mechanisms. There is clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. In other words, hearing, seeing, and knowing. Kathy is adept in all three vehicles however she mainly accesses guidance via her intuition and her visions.

So what exactly does someone in Kathy’s position do? She offers healing services to clients who are Type-A creatives looking for spiritual wisdom, sensitives looking to heal, and super souls seeking to renew, regenerate, and shift their consciousness into higher wisdom, knowledge, emotional intelligence, physical potency, and spiritual prowess. And the most intriguing part of it all, is how she does it.

Intergalactic mind travel.

If you’re anything like me, your jaw is to the floor and you are begging to know more. Don’t worry, I got all the details.

Kathy begins with a practice similar to meditation. She wears an eye cover and listens to native drumming. This frequency is similar to that of mother earth’s and helps her to ground herself. When she feels ready she calls upon her spirit animal for guidance and lifts herself up out of her body and into middle earth. She doesn’t communicate with anyone here but mentions at this point she is seeing in technicolor.

Middle earth is much like our reality except here there is no concept of time or space. This is the dimension where souls stuck in limbo linger and the nature beings such as fairies, gnomes, and other elemental creatures exist.

To move into lower or higher earth most individuals will morph into galactic space to continue their shamanic journey. Sometimes, Kathy adds however, she likes to envision herself climbing a large tree to access these dimensions.

Once she has arrived in higher earth she sends out her intentions and asks for help. When she receives an answer through one of her senses she then transfers this information to her client by blowing it into their heart and crown chakras. She also transfers the information to a quartz crystal which she shakes around her client to allow them to access and imprint the information. At the end of the journey everyone involved in the process needs to ground their energy.

This process is intending to change the life of the client and therefore a daily practice is recommended after the healing. She also notes that a process like this moves a lot of energy around and so it can cause many physical and mental side effects such as healing, but also temporary soreness or sickness. To counter this she suggests a thirty minute energy shower every day for at least two weeks.

She also gives recommended “homework”. This consists of recordings to listen to and books to read. Depending on the specifics of the healing she also may recommend other tasks such as to connect with water or to partake in the experience of dancing and other next steps.

Her description of the journey was absolutely beautiful. I truly felt like I had gone along her with just by listening to her words. She spoke so naturally- really proving that she had experienced this many times in her life. Her passion shone through as she told me her story of awakening and finding her life purpose and her personal power. Her care for others was apparent and a trait that made me feel very at ease talking with her.

And so to wrap things up I asked the reverend what one piece of advice she could give for my readers. Here is her response:


Know thyself

Sit with yourself



Ask for guidance from your heart

Trust yourself

Always be working on yourself and finding who you are

Answers and teachers will come


If you are interested in Kathy’s services, you can learn more on her website:


kathy g



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