Clearwater Beach, Florida

Rockstars, couch-surfing, and the thrills of uncertainty…

I’ve found on the road that I am led to my best discoveries through the people I have met. So I’ve gotten into the practice of asking for advice on what to check out in town or even what town to head to next, be that of bartenders, store clerks, or people on the street. And while planning is good and well and aides in staying safe, I find excitement in the ability to honestly answer the questions “What are you doing tomorrow?” “Where will you sleep tonight?” and “What’s next?” with….       “I have no idea.”

The possibilities are endless.

So before leaving Dunedin I asked a server what he suggested I do that night. He was so excited to share his favorite local hangouts with me. Following his directions I soon found myself passing over a ridiculously long bridge high above the ocean with stunning views of boats, skyscrapers, and sunsets in every which way. This was an exhilarating change of pace coming from the tight-knit marina towns up north in the panhandle. The downtown looked like it came right out of a cliche surfer movie from the 80’s. At the end of the road was a bar stool pointed toward the sand with my name on it.

Beginning to get more comfortable with exploring cities on my own I initiated a conversation with a fella who sat down next to me for a burger. He turned out to be a real righteous guy. While chatting over some french fries I learned that he was the lead singer of the  band that would be performing tonight. We had a quick conversation about life and business as he scarfed down his food before he had to run to the stage shouting back that he’d be singing for me and my trip tonight.

Next came time to finally answer the question “Where am I gonna sleep tonight?”. I decided to try out the new couchsurfing app I had downloaded since the city doesn’t offer many places for discreet parking. Thinking I would get few to no responses I messaged 5-7 different people asking for a place to park the van. EVERY person I messaged answered back yes, and even offered for me and my pet to come inside and take a spare bedroom. The generosity of the people I encounter on this journey never ceases to amaze me. So Captain Morgan and I set up camp for a few nights in a spare bedroom of a local in Oldsmar who had moved to Florida years ago from Brazil. Stories to come 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Clearwater Beach, Florida”

  1. Wow! I’m just getting around to reading your blog. Sitting here drinking wine and living vicariously through you 😉 Sounds like you are having a lot of fun and meeting a lot of really cool people. Wish there were more posts to read! One comment, your cousin John likes guitars too, you should have bought two from those fun ladies! I’m hoping to get the chance to meet up with you at some point during your adventures so keep me up-to-date on where you are heading especially if it’s to Asheville! And don’t forget to pencil in Big Sur!!! You are going to love it there! And…Palo Alto to visit all the old stomping grounds of Jerry Garcia, Ken Kesey, and all those crazy fools. And, you can’t leave out San Francisco! Santa Cruz was an awesome little town too! Oh man, so many places to recommend! However, on a serious note, be careful and always keep your wits about you…no matter how safe you think you feel…always stay sharp! Can’t wait to read your next post. Sending you lots of love and positive vibes!!! Keep on truckin’…


    1. Don’t worry there’s definitely more posts coming,I’m running about two towns behind plus I’ve got some interesting plans for the next few days here.. I’ll text you about them tomorrow. I wish I would have thought to get one of the necklaces for John! And he’d possibly wear it unlike bry. Don’t worry though as soon as I get the van back you guys will be recieving letters and souvenirs as well ☺️

      Thanks for all the recommendations, I’m really excited for the entire west coast. I’ve got those towns saved in a list in my phone from our talk at my graduation party so I definitely won’t miss them!

      You’ll definitely have to meet up with me at some point too! If not Asheville maybe Palo Alto, go check out “Further” the bus Kesey traveled the US in when he was running his acid tests. I’ve read there’s a big hippie farm some of the merry pranksters that are still living hang around on where it’s kept. If we could get in there I’m sure we’d hear some wild stories.

      Anyways, thanks for reading and keep in touch,

      Peace and love ✌🏼️💕


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